Monday, May 20, 2013

well my oh my it is quite sad that i have been gone for so long. Well clearly the mayan calandar was off bc i am still here contrary to what my blog thinks. Lets begin where i left off... December was great we took the kids to Disney for a week and I was all concerned that Dale was going to be behind and hard to make up work.... that kid was caught up with in days and his grades did not fall at all... so that was a relief and the trip was lots of fun. The best part was that Megan Jordan and Liz came for a bit and Macy loved having girls around as well as the boys but the boys did not know how to act at first.... no skills but sooo great to see them. Macy also did the bibbity bobbity boutique and went rockstar this go round.

CHRISTMAS was of course fantastic too... Sam came and celebrated with us for a bit, we went and hung out with my folks and brother...skyped with Brad in cali... kids were spoiled with gifts and sadly now 5 months later I can hardly recall the gifts ...but recall the time and games we played and the laughs... huh lesson?? We also went and ate at Lulus cafe... and had the biggest cinnamon roll ever....soo good defiantly a tradition to keep

New Years was pretty low key just us and the kids but how I like it, some good food and fun drinks and fireworks. 2 Of our neighbors i think bought the stands clean we had the best show in front of our house... it was great! Dogs hated it but hey you cant please everyone.

Jan I started really training for my 1\2 marathon that my friends somehow convinced me to do. I wanted to do a 5k to prove i could run distance since all my life i did sprints and short bursts of energy... never endurance so i started with the couch to 5k back in june of 12... and quickly worked up to 5k daily and then before i knew it they had me signed up for a 1/2. It actually was lots of fun..SOO glad i did it and can cross that off my list. whens the next one??? maybe nov...maybe but now im doing a boot camp daily and loving that.

The boys also did boot camp with Mel Williams a former NFL player... loved it and did it numerous times a week until they started football with the Razorbacks this spring. Season has been good both teams are talanted. Dale plays both sides whole game, and Reid is only on defense for his...which is very different for him.

Macy is doing soccer and LOVES IT ... loves goalie and forward and defender too.... said she likes it more than cheer.... so we may have a decision on our hands for fall. She is playing with some friends on the soccer chicks... the coach gives patches for performance and her jersey is full.

Duke is crazy busy at work and has had lots of turn overs but busy is good so we will take it.

We managed to squeeze in a ski trip to telluride and the kids skied awesome all 3 on blues. It was a treat to have them be able to dress themselves completely alone... the only bad part was i developed abscessed tooth and used snow an ice at every opportunity to numb it... so got that addressed the day we got home... and went back to finally have the permanent put on to realize the tooth behind it was abscessed as well so now have that fixed too and we should be set for a bit i hope.

family fun foam run ... i signed duke and i and the boys up for foam fest a 5k mud run... it was so much fun i bet duke would even do it again...i did a diva run in austin with some girlfriends and actually some cancelled so Tanya was able to run in ones place... which was kinda cool!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Reid and his buds

Varsity boys at oconnor game

Macy and Hennesy at WNBA

dark angel

Dale and his date to first dance... Mallory


My Dale

Macy and her Cheer buddy at Oconnor pep rally

Hennesy Macy & Kendall....trouble x3

My 3

A "killer" line man

Reid for 6

dale and his friends after last game

Grant Dylan and dale 21 11 1
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Location:Fall in pics

Thats a wrap!

Football has come to a close and for Dale this was his last season of "pay to play" he will go on to Jr. High ball next year so we will regain half of our Saturdays.  Both boys played a great season and played hard!  Macy also did a great job and had fun as well.  She was given Little Miss Megaphone, Spirit and Tough Cheer Chick award...

Thursday, October 04, 2012

common sense

I took Dale shoe shopping the other day and after one and half hours and 3 stores and a pile of frustration later I ask him "whats wrong with this pair?" as he hands it back to me he said"its the laces they go in and its hard to get it on and off."  "Seriously!!! Dale that's it!  I can re lace the shoes," "What ...Mom why didn't you tell me !"  Wow so we took the shoes I flipped the last lace in the top to come from underneath and problem solved.  I love you Dale but geez sometimes drive me crazy.
We went and hiked enchanted was really hot but pretty cool. And apparently we broke a law bc walking in the vernal pools is illegal and I was a little nervous on the way down since we kinda forged our own trail on the back side... It was fun but I would have liked to know that we would hit a trail and we did eventually.

We then started the school year and Dale is doing great and is enjoying jr hi. On the first day I was a wreck when I dropped him off neither of us wanted to make eye contact bc if I did I would loose it and I think it was mutual ... So he got out of the car and I lost it ... Really its just jr hi mom get a grip!
Macy teacher is all business but a good teacher. And Reid got who he wanted the cool guy teacher. I am. The room parent coordinator.. And I did my meeting with all the moms so hopefully I am going to be sailing smooth. And should have enough time to blog!!

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